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   Stainless Steel  

Steel tubing is used in high numbers in plumbing applications. The reasons are threefold. One, stainless steel is very sturdy, composed of 80-90 percent steel and 10-20 percent chromium.

Steel tubing can handle the types of pressures exerted by water upon plumbing structures.

Additionally, the surface of stainless steel does not allow for much adherence by particles or bacteria, so purification processes will not pass on unintended detritus. Finally, steel does not contaminate drinking water.

Steel tubes are also used in a wide variety of structural applications, such as industrial and residential construction. Examples include fences, gates, railings, playground and athletic equipment. Steel is often used for construction tubes over other metals like aluminum when extra stress resistance is necessary. Steel tubes can also be used in automotive applications and even as parts of furniture.

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